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Child Support Termination  Lawyers in San Antonio

When two people who have kids together get divorced, then they continue to be co-parents in the project of raising their common children. Both parents have an obligation to support their own children, participate in their lives, and work together to give them the ideal childhood possible. Almost always, one of the parents will pay child support to cover their portion of the financial demands of the children. But, at some point, those children will become adults. As adults, they will no longer qualify for child care and the child support order will be terminated.

Reasons for Child Support Termination

Most often, child care is terminated when the child reaches age 18. That’s when the child is legally considered an adult, meaning that they are no more entitled to their own parents’ resources. But many parents continue to encourage their child in certain capacity beyond the age of 18. Sometimes, that is written into the divorce agreement, either in the form of support until high school graduation, help with college tuition, or some other form of required support. Child support could also continue whether the child has a disability making it impossible for them to support themselves. If continued support is not arranged, parents have the choice to continue financially supporting their children, but they aren’t legally required to.

Child support can be terminated for other reasons as well. This could include the child’s union, the child’s enlistment in the army, the child’s emancipation, the child’s adoption, or the death of either the child or the parent paying child support.
Determining precisely when child care payments should end could be complex. You surely don’t want to simply quit paying on your child’s 18th birthday — you could end up in court for back child support. You should talk with a San Antonio child support termination lawyer to understand exactly how long you’re obligated to pay for.

Other Types of Child Support

If medical insurance is a part of your child service, that will be spelled out in the service decree and will usually end if the child support ends. This can be different depending on the arrangement that you agreed upon. In the United States, children can now remain in their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26, so parents may be required to cover their children outside their 18th birthday.

If there are numerous children receiving child support, the quantity may also change as children reach the age of majority. If one of your children is going to turn 18 or graduate however, you still have small children, you’ll want to consult with an attorney about modifying the child support order.

Among the toughest parts of a divorce is the fact that you need to raise kids as a team along with your former partner, someone who you may prefer to not have any contact with. The termination of child care is often the last measure of a divorce which may have happened over a decade earlier. It can be an emotional process, or it may feel like simply the last box to test on a lengthy list. Either way, it means you have successfully raised your children to a point where they should have the ability to take care of themselves, which will be every parent’s goal.

As you arrive at the point where the end of your child support period is getting close, you should reach out to Zarka Law Firm to understand just what you are obligated to do.