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The filing for divorce can be overwhelming – especially if it is your first time. Even if it isn’t your first time, you probably have close friends or family members who can share their experience. This is because divorce is unfortunately quite common in San Antonio and around America.

Although the basics are the same, every divorce is different. It varies depending on whether you are amicable with your former partner, if you share children, what assets you have, and more. No two divorces are the same, which is why you need an expert on your team.

What to expect during a divorce in San Antonio

With all the potential variables you’ll need divorce representation, and probably want a general sense of how your divorce might go. Here are a few things that you can expect from any San Antonio divorce.

Every divorce starts with discovery. This is where all of the essential information is gathered, such as assets, liabilities, and any other financial information. In the unlikely case that you will be calling witnesses, you will also determine who those will be during this stage.

Uncontested Divorce

Most divorces in San Antonio are uncontested. That doesn’t mean that you are in agreement from the beginning. It simply means that the former partners manage to come to an agreement through mediation, before entering court. It’s typically the fastest and most affordable way to get a divorce. The two of you will walk through all of the questions that you need to answer, often with the help of a San Antonio divorce lawyers, and determine how you will be splitting assets and child custody.

This is called an uncontested dissolution of marriage. While no divorce is easy, this is typically the easiest type. If you can work together and come to an agreement, you can move forward with minimal difficulty.

Even in a best-case scenario, where you and your spouse are still friends, you need to retain your own lawyer to keep an eye out for your best interests. Zarka Law Firm can help.

Contested Divorce

Not every divorce can go that smoothly. A contested divorce happens when you are not able to come to an agreement and need to sort things out in court. If you have complicated assets or do not agree on how to divide child custody, you might find yourselves in court.

In most cases, a San Antonio judge will hear your case, render a verdict, and sign the final divorce decree that has all of the finalized determinations in it. In very rare cases, a divorce will go to a jury trial.

No matter what kind of contested divorce you have, you need a great lawyer on your side. Your San Antonio divorce attorney will argue your case and can help you make unemotional decisions. They can also help you get the kind of results that you deserve so that you will be financially stable moving forward.


Sometimes, a marriage can be annulled instead of a divorce. That means that, legally, it is as if the marriage never happened. An annulment can only occur for a few different reasons. This could be that one of the spouses was under 18 at the time of the marriage, concealed a prior marriage, or was unable to consent. If you think you might be eligible for an annulment, you need a lawyer who can help you.

No matter what kind of divorce you have, the process can be very overwhelming. The legal system is confusing in the best of situations, and if you are getting a divorce, you are also going through a challenging emotional time. The results of your divorce decree can impact your financial situation and relationship with your children and former spouse for the rest of your life, so be sure to hire a great lawyer from Zarka Law Firm to help you through it all.