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Divorce isn’t simple. However, mediation is often one of the easiest ways to begin doing it. Oftentimes, the two former spouses are able to go over the conditions of the divorce using a mediator and solve their problems without coming in front of a judge.

Mediation can work for several couples. If you and your spouse are divorcing amicably, or are able to have a calm conversation, it might be the right option for you. There are various advantages to mediation.

Avoid Public Records

San Antonio mediation is always not as expensive than a court trial. It’s also confidential, so there is not any public listing of what happens on your own sessions. A lot of men and women hate the idea of their friends, family , or colleagues having the ability to read the transcript of their divorce. Mediation also allows the spouses to determine what seems fair for them, as opposed to what the legal procedure determines as honest. Mediation may also help the former spouses understand how to convey as exes, which may be especially helpful if they’ll be co-parenting going forward.


Of course, mediation isn’t for everybody. If your union has involved abuse, you may not want to experience the mediation process. If one partner is still hoping for a reconciliation, mediation usually will not work nicely. Since a mediator cannot make legal orders, a spouse could delay the proceedings by stalling in mediation. Both parties will need to be willing to compromise and negotiate in order for a mediation to be successful.

Arranging Divorce Mediation in San Antonio 

The mediation process usually begins with a telephone call with the mediator, in which you provide any background details. In your initial meeting, the plan will describe how the process will work. You will figure out exactly what matters you agree on (perhaps you agree that one of you’d create a far better custodial parent, or else you have the same idea of what should happen with the household ) and ascertain what still needs to be accomplished. Usually, you ought to go get some more information, such as the specific value of all of your assets.

An effective San Antonio mediation requires that you are inclined to obey your spouse and come to comprehend their position. That does not mean you need to concur, you just have to understand what’s significant to them and consider how you could compromise.

You have the option of having a lawyer present during mediation. Sometimes, both partners decide to have attorneys on their side throughout the mediation process. Most mediators will inspire you to attend the first session and then bring a lawyer to your later sessions when it feels necessary. Zarka Law Firm is happy to be a San Antonio mediation lawyer. 

As soon as you have completed your agreement, the plan will usually write out the agreement and a parenting program, if appropriate. If one spouse doesn’t stick to the custody arrangement or agreements concerning the division of land, the other partner can take them to court, later on, to have the agreement enforced.

When you go through mediation, you can be confident that your remarks will be heard and communicated, along with your mediator can help keep potentially emotional conversations on track and assist you and your ex come to arrangements which you can both be satisfied with. In reality, arrangements made in mediation are followed more frequently than those arrived to in court.

If you believe mediation might be appropriate for you, give us a call today, and we can help your San Antonio mediation begin.