Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Misdeameanor Chargers

Misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony charges, but they are still crimes and should be treated accordingly. If you’re wondering whether you should hire a lawyer, first consider the following facts about misdemeanors: 

Consider Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Based On Severity

Misdemeanors are organized into three classes:

  • Class C: crimes like public intoxication, minor DUI, assault, and possession of drug paraphernalia. No jail time is defined, and fines are up to $500. 

  • Class B: crimes like possession of marijuana (less than 2 oz), DWI first offense, and criminal trespassing. Jail time can be up to 180 days, and fines can reach up to $2000. 

  • Class A: crimes include assault with bodily injury, possession of marijuana (2-4oz), and a second-offense DWI. Jail time can reach up to 1 year, and fines can be up to $4000.

Impact of a Misdemeanor Charge

Many under-assume the effects that getting a misdemeanor charge can have. A San Antonio criminal defense lawyer can help explain the process and fight for you in court. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In Texas, you have the right to representation by a lawyer. Having a lawyer can help:


  • Reduce or eliminate penalties: A lawyer can look at your case and help determine all of your legal options. 
  • Avoid charges on your permanent record: A lawyer can help avoid conviction or expunge your record. Charges on your record may make it difficult in the future to gain employment, get into school or obtain housing.
  • Provide options other than pleading guilty: Lawyers allow you to challenge the charges against you. Your lawyer will investigate your arrest, obtain proper evidence and create a defense plan so that you have the best results possible.


If you have a misdemeanor charge and are searching for a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio, Zarka Law Firm can help. We offer exceptional legal services for criminal law in San Antonio, Texas, and can help make the overwhelming legal process clear and navigable. Let our team fight for you! 

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