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Many people hear about white-collar crime, but they aren’t entirely clear about what it is. That’s because many different crimes are considered white collar. “White-collar crime” is not an official, technical term, but a slang term that refers to any non-violent crime resulting in financial gain. It was first used in 1939.

It can be challenging to defend yourself when charged with a white-collar crime, especially when many people do not understand what it is. That’s why it is vital to hire a knowledgeable attorney to help.

What are White Collar Crimes?

 Many different offenses can be considered a white-collar crime. A common crime is tax evasion, which is the official term for not paying all of the taxes that you owe. Money laundering or trying to hide the source of money received through criminal activity, is another well-known white-collar crime. Bribery is another example, and it could include offers of either money, services, or items of value.

When the term “white-collar crime” was first invented, most of the people accused were financial professionals. The word white collar refers to the professional clothing that those accused of this crime tended to wear. That stereotype is no longer relevant, however, although the term is still used. With the growth of digital technology, this type of crime has expanded. Now there are even more opportunities for the average citizens to be involved with white-collar crime.

The sentences for white-collar crime range widely, depending on the scale of the crime. Some less serious offenses are charged as Class A misdemeanors. These charges carry a fine of up to $4,000 and a year in prison. Larger crimes can be charged as first-degree felonies, which carry a sentence of up to 99 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Those are clearly serious consequences that can impact the lives of you and your family. That is why it is so important to hire a knowledgeable attorney if accused of white-collar crime.

Defending a White Collar Crime in San Antonio

If you have been accused of a crime, a lawyer can help. When the crime relates to financial gain, there are a variety of ways to fight the charges.

The ideal scenario is to have the charges dismissed. This happens when there is insufficient evidence to charge you with a crime. This is ideal because you then get to avoid a trial. If the case cannot be dismissed, there is also the option for a plea bargain. In that scenario, you plead guilty in exchange for a reduced charge or lighter sentence. Finally, a lawyer could aim for non-trial mitigation, where you face lesser charges and lower punishments.

If the case still goes to trial, your defense attorney can fight for you in the courtroom by gathering evidence to prove your innocence in court or reduce your sentence if convicted.

It can be scary to be accused of white-collar crime. In some cases, you aren’t even aware that you are committing a crime, and then you find yourself dragged into a scary situation. Because no one was physically harmed, you might feel like there was not a “real” crime. However, you still need a lawyer, one who is well informed in white-collar crime and can help you fight these charges.

The lawyers at Zarka Law Firm are knowledgeable about white-collar crime laws in Texas and can help you understand what you will experience. We will help you gather evidence and fight the charges so that you can move forward with your life. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you fight a Texas white collar crime charge.