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San Antonio Divorce Lawyers

Getting a divorce is rarely easy. Even when you are absolutely confident that it is the right decision, it is hard to end a marriage that you once expected to last your lifetime. That’s why you need to be sure to have someone on your team who can support you through the legal process, while you deal with the emotions. Having a great San Antonio divorce lawyer, like those from Zarka Law Firm, on your side will ensure that you can move forward in your life as cleanly as possible.

Reasons for a divorce in San Antonio

There are many different reasons why you might have chosen to get a divorce. Possibly your marriage has been loveless for a long time, and you have finally realized it’s not going to change. Perhaps your partner abused you or cheated on you, and you knew that you had to leave. Maybe you are still good friends, but not good romantic partners. Maybe you don’t want to get a divorce at all, but they have unilaterally decided to leave the marriage.

We know that every person has a unique scenario. That’s why Zarka Law Firm prioritizes getting to know you as a person so that we can understand what you need. Even in the most amicable of divorces, each person needs to be represented by their own legal team. When you work with Zarka Law Firm, you have a professional on your side who understands the San Antonio divorce process and will make sure you can come out standing on your own two feet.

Navigating the divorce process

A divorce can take one of two routes: mediation or the courts. If you and your former partner are at all amicable, mediation is generally the better route to take. Mediation allows the two of you to make most of the major decisions regarding your divorce. It is both faster and more affordable, as long as the two of you can negotiate with one another calmly. If you cannot come to agreements together, you will need to go through the courts, where a judge will make those major decisions on your behalf.

Whether you go through mediation or the courts, two primary decisions need to be made in the course of the divorce: what to do about the children and what to do about the money.

If your marriage resulted in children, they are obviously the highest priority. You are both still their parents and will need to find a way to co-parent effectively. One of you will have primary custody, and the other will have a visitation schedule. The noncustodial parent will almost always owe child support so that the kids continue to have access to the resources they need. The state of Texas will put the well-being of your kids first in making any decisions, and you should aim to do so as well. If you and your former partner can collaborate in creating a parenting plan and work together to raise your children, that will help the divorce go more smoothly.

You and your partner probably also have joint property that needs to be divided. Your assets and combined salaries have been supported a single household, and now they need to support two. This can be an extremely complicated process, depending on your financial situation. You might need to sell your joint San Antonio home, or one of you could buy the other out of it. One spouse might owe the other alimony. You might need to divide up retirement accounts, vehicles, or other assets. It can be an overwhelming process, which is why it’s essential to have great San Antonio divorce lawyers on your team.

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