How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Texas

Your criminal defense lawyer plays a key role in evaluating your case, working out the best defense strategy, and representing your interests in court to obtain the most favorable outcome. But how can you choose the right criminal defense attorney for your needs? 

Establish Their Specialty and History as a Criminal Defendant

Be sure the attorney you hire is a criminal lawyer. While most lawyers are excellent negotiators, this type of lawyer knows how to navigate criminal law cases. That experience helps them understand the applicable laws, court processes and work with prosecutors and jurors. 

Research Their Past Performance

You want someone with a track record of successfully handling many criminal cases. You can research this by entering the lawyer’s bar number into the County Clerk’s website. You will see how many cases they have successfully defended, how many convictions, and how many dismissals or plea deals they have worked out. The higher their score in getting acquittals and dismissals, the better they are.

Fee Structure

Hire a criminal defense lawyer whose fees don’t exceed what you are willing and able to pay. Criminal cases can be unpredictable in terms of duration and complexity, so ask about their fee structure before hiring them.

Evaluate Interpersonal Skills

Having criminal charges slapped against you can be stressful. You want a criminal lawyer who is a good communicator and who you are comfortable around. You also want a lawyer who will not strike the wrong chord with judges and juries because that can tip the scales against you.

Choose Zarka Law Firm for Your Criminal Defense in Texas

At Zarka Law, we have extensive experience as Texas criminal defense attorneys. We keep our client’s interests foremost and will help you fight the criminal charges against you. Contact us today for a consultation!

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