Things to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in San Antonio

Criminal charges can be life-changing. If you have criminal charges against you, a San Antonio criminal law firm can help defend your rights. They can also increase your odds of getting a more favorable outcome.

However, choosing the right San Antonio criminal law firm will require a little forethought. Here are some factors to consider before you hire a criminal lawyer:

Experience as a Criminal Lawyer

How long have they been a criminal attorney? An experienced criminal lawyer in San Antonio with an intimate understanding of criminal law in the state is always the best choice.  They can review your case, weigh the evidence, give you possible outcomes for your trial, and draw on their experience to develop the most effective legal strategy.

Severity of Your Charges

A San Antonio criminal lawyer who specializes in the criminal charges you are currently facing is ideal. For instance, if you are facing drug possession charges, an attorney with plenty of experience defending criminal drug charges in court will be the most suitable. They will be well-versed in drug laws in Texas and better equipped to handle your case.

Lawyer's Cost and Fees

Have a detailed discussion about costs and fees with prospective criminal lawyers in San Antonio before choosing one. This includes how much they charge per hour and how much it would cost to represent you if the case goes to trial or you settle a plea deal.

Contact Zarka Law Firm for San Antonio Criminal Defense

Are you or your loved ones facing criminal charges? Consider hiring a San Antonio criminal lawyer from Zarka Law Firm. Regardless of your charges, our criminal attorneys will devise a good strategy and defend you to the best of their ability. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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